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How Greencast works

Companies use Greencast's software to measure their carbon footprint comprehensively, plan and execute on steps to reduce emissions and share results with investor-grade reporting.

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Fast & real-time

Generate actionable insights in a matter of weeks instead of months. Your company's dashboard is updated automatically as you go.

No complicated surveys, no surprises.


Greencast's AI-driven software analyzes your financial data and translates it into comprehensive Scope 1, 2 and 3 emission outputs with mind-blowing detail.

Low demands, high quality outputs.

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Build and forecast your carbon reduction plan 

Set ambitious climate goals and develop a year-by-year, team-by-team plan to achieve them.

Greencast recommends steps to take, tailored to your business and ambitions. Define a carbon strategy and develop a financial plan to support it.

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Investor-grade reporting

Greencast's dashboard provides you with instant reporting capabilities to share your progress and commitments in a matter of minutes.

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Powered by the latest climate science

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Greencast's emission analysis is based on the most recent climate knowledge and driven by scientific data. We continuously monitor and update our databases to guarantee the quality of our measurements. 


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