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Scope 1, 2 and 3
GHG Protocol compliant
Backed by scientific data
Deep integrations to take the guesswork
out of carbon accounting
Data first

Advanced data analytics to sift through the noise and act on your impact. Engage suppliers and drive reduction across your value chain.

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Build your reduction plan

Tailored to your business and ambitions, Greencast matches key action drivers specific to your overarching sustainability strategy.

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Compliant reporting

Greencast provides instant and GHG Protocol compliant reporting capabilities to share your progress and commitments in a matter of minutes.

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Carbon removal

Fully integrated, automated solutions to help your business achieve net-zero. Build a tailored portfolio across project types, geographies, and price points.

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For your industry

Our software enables businesses to accurately measure, understand and report their climate impact across industries.

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Greencast contributes 1% of its revenues to remove CO₂ from the atmosphere through Stripe Climate.
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For consultants

Effortless process management

We empower consultants to measure more and measure faster with powerful integrations and automated machine learning-based analyses of a company’s transactions and activities.
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4️⃣ Measure your carbon footprint & implement a reduction strategy
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